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Electricity For Less

We are ready to face the new challenges that are becoming more pressing in South Africa and abroad by articulating innovative solutions that will tackle the energy crisis head on. Utilities companies have been traditionally state-owned monopolies or crown corporations. In recent years, increased deregulation and liberalisation led to a higher rate of privatisation of public utilities, but they are still subjected to significant government control and public scrutiny.

For the first time in many years, utilities companies are now facing changing market forces that could fundamentally alter the business model of the industry. Growth in renewable generation as well as technological advancements are forcing companies to adapt their interaction with customers. In particular, there is an increasing focus on “smart utilities” or “smart grid,” which leverages customer information and technology to improve how consumers can consume, conserve, or even trade utilities at lower costs.

In Cape Town we've seen the Wheeling Project being launched where the city is offering an electricity wheeling facility to enable wheeling of electricity to 11 kV (medium voltage) customers who want to buy energy from third party suppliers. They in turn source the electricity from generators connected to Eskom or City electricity grids. This is a step in the right direction and only one of numerous examples where privatisation is really taking effect and starting to add enormous value to the current economic and social climate.